Installation and connection

1. Before connecting the Farm Butler?

Before connecting the supply cable to the mains (socket), the following should be ensured:

  • Farm Butler is mounted correctly. See the section on mounting her.
  • The string to the door is mounted. See the section on mounting her.
  • The relays are connected correctly if they are to be used. Connection of the relays is described further down the page.

It is recommended that electrical work be performed by an authorized person!

2. How about the cables?

Farm Butler is supplied with an attached supply cable (230V) so the box is ready for use. The cables used for Farm Butler must meet the requirements described in the Technical Information section that can be seen her.

In addition, cables can be purchased that are dedicated to Farm Butler’s relays if the relays are to be used

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3. Connection of Farm Butler

Farm Butler is supplied with an attached supply cable (230V), which is connected as in the drawing.

  • L the drawing indicates phase and must be connected to brown wire.
  • N the drawing indicates zero and must be connected to blue wire.
  • Farm Butler cannot be connected to the protective conductor (green / yellow wire) and if the cable has such a conductor, it must be terminated in a single connection sleeve.
  • The middle terminal between L and N must NOT be used.

4. Connection of relays

Farm Butler has two relays that can be used in different ways. When using the relays, it is important that the relays are not overloaded during improper use. See the Technical Information section her.

Use of the relays when the total power consumption of the relays is less than 2000 watts.

Below is shown how relay 1 is used for, for example, the light in the chicken house.